12 year old Lucy gets why family unity is important

Lucy Kim

Our youngest participants have something to say too when it comes to immigration. Like Lucy, 12, from Los Angeles, California. She says:

I am going to Washington, DC in June to protest for Immigration reform because Congress is doing some things that I don’t like! It is a bad idea to take away invitations (her word for family petitions) because that’s basically cutting off your family, in a sense. Without them, it will be hard to get to see your family in another country because its hard to visit far away places. For example, my favorite cousin lives in Korea, but I’ve only seen him once in my life. But he’s still my favorite! Communicating by electronic devices just isn’t the same. Taking away invitations is wrong, because its a right that we Americans have had for a long time.

Children can definitely make a difference in the world. Even if children aren’t as old as adults, they can still trigger a movement that changes the world. It’s not only adults! It’s just that many people believe children aren’t mature and won’t care what they say. If I met a Congressman or woman I would tell them that what they are doing isn’t right. It’s not fair to countless Americans with loved ones in other countries.

Join Lucy to tell Congress to preserve the family via program and to pass immigration reform this year! http://ow.ly/lvmBC