A country that flourishes because of immigration reform


My name is Min Yoon, a 6th grader from Torrance, California. Right now, immigration reform is a growing issue in America. This event in DC is a huge step to express our concern about this issue. I don’t think it really matters what age, gender, or race you are, but as long as you’re trying to seek for a better society, it shouldn’t matter. As a young student with immigrants as parents, I once tried to get people to sign a petition to let an undocumented family stay in this country. Especially for the two undocumented students, this was the only place they’ve lived their entire lives, but were about to be forced to leave, just because they were born somewhere else. It’s a bit scary if you think about it. If you don’t think so, then picture yourself living in exile, hoping that nobody recognizes you, feeling like a nobody, just because some people thought you were……. different? Even some of my own friends experience this. We need a permanent solution to help not only the DREAMers, but all the immigrants to have the opportunity to fully contribute to our country. When I think about this country, I think about all the immigrants who have to go through many hardships. I want to at least think of my own country as a country that’s been through a number of hardships, but flourished in the end by passing the immigration reform.

His story is also at — http://www.momsrising.org/blog/the-youngest-in-our-community-say-yes-to-immigration-reform/#ixzz2Usr5d2as