I want to tell Congress my immigration story

David Han

David Han, 18 Years Old, HS Senior, Koreatown, Los Angeles

I am an immigrant myself, and I want immigration reform passed this year. I just want to help be a voice for other immigrants who are afraid to voice themselves because of their status and who are scared. I was one of those people, but now I can let my story out and be an inspiration to others.

Right now, I am undocumented and do not have citizenship, so there is not much for me to do. If immigration reform passes, I can be part of society, a Korean-American citizen, I can get the same benefits as my peers and I won’t be pushed aside from society as an alien, afraid all the time.

This will be my first time in Washington, DC. I believe that kids and teens can make a difference. We are the future, and we can influence others by telling our stories. I would like to tell members of Congress my immigration story and how immigration affects me. I would like to try to convince them and change their hearts to approve of immigration reform.