New “Messaging/Talking Point” Materials

Now available in English and Korean for faith and small business owners.

Please feel free to these materials for your outreach efforts. They can found under the “Campaign Materials” tab and are listed below.

Small Business-based Messaging (ENG)

Small Business-based Messaging (KOR)

Faith-based Messaging (ENG)

Faith-Based Messaging (KOR)

DREAM legislation talking points (ENG)

Stepping Up (ENG)

“Immigration Reform is Next on the Agenda” Message Guide (ENG)

Don’t Stay On Message: Using Strategic Framing to Move the Public Discourse On Immigration (ENG)

“Everybody Knows We Have the Votes” Message Guide (ENG)
Note: The listed sources are from: We Belong Together, Frame Works Institute, Alliance 4 Citizenship, Immigration Policy Center, LA Times, United We Dream