Fast for Families: Days 5 through 10

DAY 5: Saturday, November 16

We Welcome Our Visitors

The Fast for Families is drawing attention from political and faith leaders and the NAKASEC family. On Saturday, NAKASEC board and supporters came to visit NAKASEC executive director Dae Joong Yoon and Mr. Jung, and to show their support for the fasters and their dedication to immigrant families.

Nanwon Kang, NAKASEC board member: “Wan-Mo and I came to visit from New Jersey because we are very strong believers in the unity of family, the invaluable importance of family and the love that is shared among its members, and the universal “no matter what happens we love you” kind of love. This is the foundation for any human being and no entity on this earth can make laws that break up the family. We support comprehensive immigration reform.”

Edward Lee, NAKASEC board member: “This immigration reform movement seems to be taking longer than what people expected or what it should be. Meanwhile, 11 million people have suffered too much and for too long.”

Sookyung Oh, NAKASEC supporter: “The sacrifice that DJ and Mr. Jung are making is immeasurable. They are true movement builders. As a Korean American who also wants justice for all, visiting DJ, Mr. Jung and the others fasters inspired me to keep moving forward.”

DAY 6- Sunday, November 17

Fasters Receive a Church Blessing

DJ, Sang Hyug Jung, and other Fast for Families fasters receive blessing at the Saint Camillus Catholic Church of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Members of the APALA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance) came to visit the Fast for Families tent.


KRC begins a week-long solidarity.


Dayne Lee, KRC: “We started here in Orange County too so we’ve been fasting since Monday and it’s really powerful. We’re going to make Congressman Ed Royce respond or we’re going to keep on fighting until we get what we need.”

2013-11-20 Video Messages for Dae Joong Yoon and Sang Hyug Jung 2
Video Messages for Dae Joong Yoon and Sang Hyug Jung
(Note: Portions of the video are only in Korean or English).

DAY 7– Monday, November 18

Representative Rush Holt from New Jersey visited the fast, along with Eliseo Medina’s daughters who came to join the fast.

DAY 8-Tuesday, November 19Asian American Pacific Islander Press Event

Dae Joong Yoon, NAKASEC’s executive director: “As an immigrant who came to this country as a young man, I know first-hand how hard immigrants work for their family and country. And, I personally witnessed what it means for an immigrant family being separated from loved ones. I am fasting to stop the separation of families.”

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Sang Hyug Jung, community member of KRC: “We, the undocumented are not different from you. We are just like your friends and families. We also work hard and pay taxes to make this nation better. We’ve been a part of this great nation.”

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Pratishtha Khanna, DREAMer: I may be one student, with one voice, but I am not alone in the struggle for justice. I stand next to other students like me, families, community members from all walks of life, and allies, and together we will achieve citizenship for all aspiring families and separated families.”

Reverend Jesse Jackson Commits to 3-Day Fast

Civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson led a service for fasters and activists at the Fast for Families tent. He announced his personal commitment to join the fast for 3 days.

Procession to Boenher’s Office


Fasters stride together in unison ready to deliver their call to action to the House leader.

The Letter read: “We are fasting because of the terrible toll that this broken immigration system is inflicting on immigrants, our communities and on the values of our great nation of immigrants. There are 43 days left this year. We are not mandated by the House Calendar. ”

Fast day 8: we pray for Speaker Boehner
Fast day 8: we pray for Speaker Boehner

NAKASEC Board Member Announces Week-Long Fast

Carrie Pugh, NAKASEC board member from DC, visits the Fast for Families tent. She will participate in a group fast with her colleagues at the National Education Association (NEA). Participants fortify their support for immigration reform by taking turns fasting in a cycle of one or two day fasts beginning on Thursday, November 21.


DAY 9- Wednesday, November 20GOP Representative Jeff Denham’s Surprise Visit

Jeff Denham is the first GOP Congressmember to Visit

Republican Congressmember Jeff Denham from California meets with the fasters and to remind Americans that immigration reform should be a bipartisan issue. More members of Congress need to speak up and urge Speaker Boehner to act now for immigration reform.

Watch the video hereRepresentative Gutierrez Declares Immigration Reform Not Dead

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), including Illinois representatives from Illinois and California stopped by to show their support. Representative Luis Gutierrez declared that immigration reform was not dead because the spirit of the fasters keeps it alive and well.
Crossing the Bridge for Immigration Reform

On their grand march from Arlington, Virginia to the Capitol, a broad coalition of Virginia advocacy and immigrant rights group including Virginia New Majority and NAKASEC, labor unions, and members of the faith community made a visit to the Fast for Families tent on their way to the Capitol to deliver petitions to Congressman Eric Cantor.

Edgar Aranda-Yanoc, Chair of the Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations and one of the lead organizers of the March said: “I was thrilled to walk with committed residents of Virginia who walked from Arlington to the US Capitol building to pressure Congress to pass immigration reform.”

The marchers delivered nearly 2,000 petitions to Congressman Cantor’s office to inform him that Virginians have not forgotten the need for immigration reform and will continue to fight until a bill is passed.

Aranda-Yanoc added: “We wanted to meet those who were making such a huge sacrifice for this important cause and were encouraged to continue our own efforts towards our common goal of comprehensive reform that will allow millions of people to come out of the shadows.”
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DAY 10: Thursday, November 21
Meeting with the Democratic Caucus

This morning, five fasters, including DJ from NAKASEC, spoke in front of 50 members of the Democratic Caucus, including Representative Nancy Pelosi (CA-12) and Steny Hoyer (MD-5). Everyone gave a standing ovation as Eliseo spoke about immigration reform being a people’s issue and about family.

Illinois’ Representative Jan Schakowsky announced her participation in a one-day solidarity fast today.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez Exchanges Stories with Fasters

On Day 10, U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez joined fasters in a circle to share immigration stories and spoke about how the baton to help our immigrant neighbors is squarely in our hands and how the work of Fast for Families is making a difference.