Meet Our Solidarity Fasters in CA!

The Fast 4 Families grew from an event in a tent on the National Mall in Washington DC to a nationwide movement in less than a month’s time. Hundreds of AAPI community members are fasting in solidarity with families and over 11 million of their aspiring American brothers and sisters.

Meet some of them below:

Jenny Seon: “I am fasting in solidarity with fellow community members and immigrant rights leaders so that those who are living in the shadows can have the opportunity to live their American Dream. Immigrant families deserve an immigration system that is fair and humane.”


“My name is Hee Joo Yoon and I’m fasting for comprehensive immigration reform with path to Citizenship this year. Our immigration system is broken and should be fixed for keeping families together. I have made close friendships with countless DREAMers and their families over the years and it breaks my heart to see so many of our community members living in the shadows without citizenship I hope House leadership realize that Immigration reform is not politics, it is people’s life.”


“My name is Manok Cha. I came to the United States after my daughter, who lives in North Carolina, petitioned for me. I am fasting for immigration reform today because the remainder of my children are still waiting to come to the United States. The current immigration system separates families and causes great pain to families like mine.”


Simon Jun: “I am partaking in the solidarity fast to show not only my support for those fasting in DC, but also my commitment to fight for immigration reform.”