Story 3: Undocumented students and higher education: Raymond’s Story

This story originally appeared at The Cluster
(By: Emily Farlow)

Raymond Partolan grew up in Macon, Ga.

But until recently, he didn’t feel welcome in Macon or the United States.

Not all undocumented immigrants cross the border illegally of their own volition. Some come with their parents, who may or may not come into the country legally.

Partolan’s family moved here legally.

When Partolan was 15 months old, his family left the Philippines for the U.S. His father had an H1-B visa, which allowed him to work in the U.S. for a specific amount of time. Partolan and his mother had H-4 visas, which are given to family members of H1-B visa holders.

Partolan’s father was going to work as a physical therapist, and Partolan’s parents thought the move was a good decision.

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