Youth Solidarity Fast for CIR and a Pathway to Citizenship

Youth Solidarity Fast for CIR and a Pathway to Citizenship

November 21, 2013 – December 12, 2013

Why are we fasting?
The purpose of this national youth fast is to stand in solidarity with the 11 million undocumented immigrants who must constantly live with a fear of deportation and face struggles with family separation.  This is a solidarity fast initiated in relation to the Fast for Families campaign held in Washington, DC (November 12 to December 12).

Millions of immigrants are separated from their families due to deportations, family backlogs, and other obstacles with access to citizenship.  Despite Thanksgiving being a family holiday and a time when families come together, many immigrant families are not able to come together due to the country’s broken immigration system.  Therefore, the youth who participate in this fast pledge to also abstain from Thanksgiving dinner as a part of this three-week fast.

Please also check out the Faster’s Declaration for the “Fast for Families” Campaign in DC:

How do we join the fast?
Please send email SaeHee at with your name, where you live, whether you will be doing the evening or dinner fast, and a 2-3 sentence statement on why you are fasting.  In addition, please send us a photo of yourself holding a sign with words of support for the solidarity fast (#standwithfamilies, #fast4families, Support CIR!, Immigration Reform Now!, etc.). Please let us know if you would like to refrain from social media exposure.

When are we fasting?
– Long term fast from November 15 to December 12.  Two options:

  • Two options

    • Dinner (Meal): after 4pm

    • Evening: after 6pm

  • Please note that this fast includes abstaining from Thanksgiving dinner.  Please discuss this with your family and friends before committing to the fast (maybe a Thanksgiving lunch or early dinner? J)

– Full day fast on December 3 or 4 (TBA)