Faith (종교계)

Interested in signing on to the campaign for immigration reform?

Please complete the below online sign on form.


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Interested in reaching out to your community?

Below are campaign materials (Request Letters and Sign-on Forms) to share with your customers and community members.  Or share the below link to the online form. Feel free to use these templates and adjust the information to fit your business and customers.


Printable Materials:

Please check back for more material resources.

Faith Request Letter (ENG)

Faith Request Letter (KOR)

Faith Sign-on Letter (ENG)

Faith Sign-on Letter (KOR)

Interested in becoming more involved??

아래의 활동에 참여가 가능하십니까?

1. Participating in legislative visits or media events (before Thanksgiving). (Contact )

의원 사무실 방문 또는 언론 대상 활동 (11월경)

2. Displaying a flyer in support of immigration reform at my business/religious institution. (Click here)

이민개혁 지지 포스터 전시

3. Distributing immigration reform campaign materials to my place of worship. (Click here)

이민 개혁 지지 서명 용지 배포

4. Initiating a Week of Prayer for immigration reform at my place of worship.

이민개혁을 위한 기도 주간